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Lo invitamos a enviar sus opiniones y comentarios. La admnistración de este sitio se reserva el derecho de eliminar aquellos mensajes que empleen palabras soeces, irrespetuosas o lleven implìcita alguna forma de discriminación e inciten al odio y la violencia.

Received Messages

Benjamin: USA

Hello Tajik Radio!


My name is Benjamin Klopp, I'm 18 years old, and I am from the mountains of Pennsylvania in the USA. I am currently hearing your shortwave broadcast on 6000 kilocycles at 5:10 UTC. I am hearing you on a Radio Shack Pocket Radio Receiver hooked to a 5 meter (15 foot) long random wire antenna hung in my picture window in my house. I am hearing you at a signal strength of about 3/5 and a readability of about 3/5. If my report has been helpful, I'd love to receive a QSL card at my address below;

1828 State Route 54, Montgomery PA, 17752, United States of America


Thank you and best 73's to you all from the USA!

Mar 4, 2017 12:12:03 AM

John Tabak: usa

I was scanning the shortwave bands, and I just heard your jazz program featuring Art Tatum. I knew his name, of course, but I did not know how extraordinary a pianist he was. That was a great program. Keep up the good work.

Mar 4, 2017 4:06:38 PM

Gretchen Kerr: Cuba

Saludos amigos de Radio Habana Cuba.

Mar 3, 2017 2:57:16 PM

Jim Savani: United States

I compliment, I praise LI Peng in Cuba ! ! ! !

LI Peng jogged in Cuba.

LI PENG is the GREATEST ! ! ! !

Mar 11, 2017 8:28:07 AM

Emilio Jimenez Lopez : España

Queridos amigos de Radio Habana Cuba 

Mi nombre es Emilio y soy oyente de esta gran emisora de radio .

Me gustaria hacer amistad con gente cubana por correspondencia .

Mi direccion es la siguiente :

Emilio Jimenez Lopez

Apartado de correos 16009  C.P 41015

Sevilla  ( ESPAÑA )



Mar 16, 2017 3:20:15 AM

Jason Foster: United States

I recently purchased a very cheap shortwave radio from Radioshack, I've been trying to pull Radio Havana Cuba for a few weeka now with no luck. Yesterday i figured it was time for an upgraded antenna while i wait on my better receiver to come in the mail. A 71ft longwire mixed with the right conditions i was able to pull you in loud and clear with a light dash of hiss 5/5. This is my first attempt at receiving a QSL card to mount on my wall over my work area! Would you be so kind as to send me one? Info on the report below. March 15th 2007 at 0502 - 0617 UTC time. Frequency 6000 and i believe i wrote down on 6060 also. Loud and clear with an excellent program that held my attention, think i was mostly happy i had just picked you up. Only problem i had was the host saying the email address to fast to write it down, so i had to do some digging online. Im located mid state louisiana in the United States. Just a young Military Vet with his little radio. Thanks Jason Foster P.O. Box 344 Simpson, La. 71474

Mar 16, 2017 10:53:24 AM

ismail ben ameur: algeria

السلام عليكم

يسعدني و يشرفني ان اكتب الى اذاعة كوبا الموقرة

انا من المستمعين الدائمين الى اذاعتكم عن طريق الانترنت

واريد ان اعرف ان كانت تبث على الاقمار الصناعية

مثل الهوتبيرد العربسات النايل سات

كما اريد الحصول على ترددات الاذاعة و دليل البرامج

او اي مطبوعات اخرى

وتقبلو تحياتي


هذا عنواني البريدي

اسماعيل بن عامر

بلدية عين الريش

عين الملح

المسيلة 28000




Mar 17, 2017 6:55:48 AM

Shawn Shoptaugh: United States of America

Greetings all at Radio Habana Cuba!

I tune in on shortwave as often as I can in the evening hours from 1:00-7:00 GMT on 6000kHz to hear the broadcasts in English, and occassionally I tune in to 6060kHz around 4:00 GMT to hear the broadcast in Spanish, befor it switches over to English at 5:00 GMT.

The programming is wonderful, an international perspective to events going on in the world is always nice to receive.  Though, because I am using the standard telescopic antenna on a Grundig S450DLX field radio, reception is sometimes difficult, with fading in and out of signal, and some noise, but that is mostly due to not having a proper shortwave antenna setup.  Reception is roughly 3/5, as is understanding of the signals received.

I would love to receive a QSL card, if at all possible!  Thank you!

Mailing address:   23 N Taft Ave, Evansville IN, 47711, United States of America.

Mar 21, 2017 12:54:05 AM

Jose Antonio: Cuba

Hola mi nombre es Jose Antonio vivo en La Habana Cuba y me gustaria hacer amistad con gente de Cuba y el mundo

Pueden escribirme a Washington 304 bajos entre Prensa y Colon, Cerro, La Habana Cuba CP 12000

Mar 21, 2017 11:46:10 AM


Queridos amigos, últimamente no he podido sintonizarlos en sw, lo que me tiene muy triste pues desde hace más de 30 años lo vengo haciendo de manera permanente, disfrutando del servicio infornativo, de la programación cultural de esa gran emisora, la  unica que sobrevive de tantas que hubo hasta la irrupción del real ahoyudio, que no es lo mismo que sintonizar en vivo, ojalá sigan al aire, hermanos queridos

Mar 25, 2017 10:04:06 AM
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